Ants (10-20)

By worldalive


Are you interested in the fascinating world of ants? If so, this is the moment to learn what they do inside their anthill. Order ants through this web site if you already have the Jungle Ants gel habitat. You will receive between 10 and 20 specimens inside a tube filled with enough food until they arrive. Queen ant not included.

Watch ants work in the habitat and learn how they communicate as they work together to build tunnels! If you observe the ants, you will notice how they communicate tapping their antennae with each other. When they are looking for food and find it, they produce chemical pheromones leaving a trail that can be followed by other ants searching food.

Ants are social insects; they live in big colonies or groups. There are three types of ants in each colony: the queen, the sterile female workers and the soldiers.

Remember: respect all living beings. Please follow the instructions carefully, to help these new beings come safely into the world so you can feel proud for having grown them into healthy adult insects.

Suitable for kids aged 6+ who appreciate nature and are interested in Ants.

Please note: Insects proceed from a special biological laboratory. If you purchase both the kit and the eggs, they will be sent to you separately.


Please, note we do not ship insects to countries outside the European Union.

Live insects are posted Mondays only (by mail), to avoid them spending the weekend in the post. Orders can take up to 21 days to be received. If you have not received your order within 21 days, contact us by e-mail through the contact area link on this website.

If the package does not fit in your mail box, you will receive a note to collect it at the post-office. In that case you should collect it as soon as possible because your insects can not live in the package indefinitely.