Terms and Conditions

We only dispatch living insects to addresses within the European Union. Customers from the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries where our products are marketed need to read the indications beside the product, the insect suppliers for the corresponding continents are listed.

We only dispatch living insects on Mondays (and only by mail order) in order to avoid storing the insects in a post office over the weekend.
All other products are dispatched by mail order except for some particular cases, e.g. if the customer has selected another type of dispatch and if he is bearing the corresponding postal charges; or depending on the ordered quantity, our company may also choose to deliver the products to the customer by courier service. The forwarding charges in Spain range from 0 € (for insects) to a maximum 12 € depending on the size of your order. For other countries, the forwarding charges depend on the country of destination and on the size of the order. Your order will be dispatched under the trade name Aqua Dragons Distribución S.L. You will also find the trade name Aqua Dragons Distribución S.L. as a reference on your voucher if the invoice is directly debited to your account.

Availability of the products: If a product is no longer available, you will receive an e-mail which will inform you about it and which will propose you to choose another comparable product. However, if the parts of the products remain the same and only the packaging had been redesigned, you will directly receive the new product.

Proceeding for purchasing

Placing an online purchase order

1. Select your product or several products. The products will be placed in the shopping cart.

2. When you have finished selecting your products, click on the button: Buy online.

3. Completely fill in the address form and make sure that you have well entered your e-mail address and your postal address. If you cannot go to the following page, it means that you have omitted to fill in one of the compulsory fields. Check your data once again and then proceed on the following page. At the end of the purchasing process, the system will send you an e-mail on your address by which we will confirm your order.

4. If you have successfully finished the purchasing processes, the system will offer you two options for payment and delivery. We recommend you to select the option of postage, because this is the most cost-efficient way to receive your products. If you have chosen to pay by credit card the payment will be performed via the system Secure Server 4B.

Proceeding for returns

If you visibly and clearly see that the product had been damaged during transport or if you recognize without opening the package that the wrong product had been delivered or if the insects are dead when you receive the delivery without opening the packaging or the parts of the product, you need to proceed as follows: Send us an e-mail within 48 hours after receipt of the delivery to: info@world-alive.net. Please state your contact data, the ordered product and, in order to help us find your purchase order, we also would like to ask you to state the order number. This way, we can handle the claim regarding the product and replace the claimed product by a new product or reimburse the price which you had paid. Generally, it is not necessary to return the delivery, this only applies in exceptional cases. The products will be replaced within 7 days upon receipt of your claim.

Our company is responsible for dispatches of insects which are delivered dead or in cases in which the first sending had not been delivered if the postal address had been correctly entered by the customer. If, due to the local postal delivery, the deliveries are not received even after 2 dispatches or if the customer has made wrong entries when he placed the order online, the company will not bear the cost of a new delivery.

Insects which arrive alive and dir later on are non-returnable, because they where living when they arrived at their destination address; However, there are different environmental influences such as e.g. the use of sprays and insecticides, changes of temperature and many other influences which we cannot foresee. When purchasing Aqua Dragons, please thoroughly read the instructions which are included in your kit. If you see that your pets do not eclose within 2 or 3 weeks, please write us an e-mail and explain your situation in a way that we can instruct you or send you a new product, if necessary.


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